Shipping Information

We have very strong partnership with Buffalo international logistic who is an on-line retail channel provider from China to Africa. support Deal&Share to have the best and most efficient logistic services from Hong Kong to Africa. Thus, you don't need to endure the services that cost you half a month or more, the fastest delivery can be made for 5 days to JNB (Door to Door).

What are my delivery options?

LOVA can ship to most cities in the South Africa.

  • Courier - We deliver directly to your home or office, anywhere in South Africa.  All delivery and tracking details are supplied to you at checkout;

What are the respective shipping times?

What does the shipping cost?

The price depends on the weight of the product, the origin, the destination, the shipping method and the warehouses, and other considerations. Detailed pricing information is visible when placing an order. 

FREE shipping for orders R450 or more
(Shipping Fee depends on Region_from R 99)

We unfortunately can’t make changes to your delivery address once payment has been received and you have received your Payment Confirmation email.


For any shipping queries, we are always happy to help you and to work together to resolve any issues. Please click Contact Us.

$1 Days
$2 Hours
$3 Minutes
$4 Seconds